Israel to help Ukraine modernize MiG-29 fighters

Elbit Systems, an Israeli company that develops various types of weaponry, could help the Ukrainian Air Force to modernize eleven MiG-29 fighters, reports the Defense Industry Courier, citing a source in the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

According to the source, “the winged craft will receive fundamentally new capabilities and the latest weapons for airborne warfare”. He added that the upgrades could cost in the region of $440 million, at $40 million per fighter. However, the contract has not yet been signed, and negotiations are still underway, the source noted.

Elbit Systems worked with German specialists to modernize MiG-29s in Romania, but the program was unsuccessful and all planes of this type were removed from service.

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  1. Not sure cooperation with Israel and Turkey is wise. Both are clients of the Novichok gang from Moscow. Hardware in the hands of Israel and Turkey could end up as an easy target packed full of spyware…

      • Those are the updated model Boeing was hoping to pitch to our Canadian Defense. Our stupid and corrupt lieberloon government has screwed that up. Why should ignorant pollticians who are doing good to find their willy to pee, be allowed to make defense materiels specifications decisions. That should be defense management to determine. The guvment job is to determine how much money is available. While they have their hand in their pocket to scratch their nutz, they need to reach a little deeper for defense.
        Back to Ukraine, use their heads and talk to the Romanian defense personnel to find out why their project was a failure, and the aircraft removed from service. On any project; do research, think about what you find and repeat at least two more times. Then think about money and bids.

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