In the situation around “Motor Sich”, Ukraine should take care of its own national interests

Ukraine has to resolve the US-China conflict over the sale of “Motor Sich”, Zaporizhzhia manufacturer of engines for airplanes, so that the operations do not close down, but operation 100% power.

This was stated by political expert Volodymyr Fesenko, commenting on the situation around the sale of “Motor Sich”.

“In this conflict, we must find the optimal balance of interests. We cannot just follow someone’s instructions. We cannot repeat the mistakes that were made 20 years ago when the Bushehrcontract was cancelled. In the situation around “Motor Sich”, Ukraine should take care of its own national interests”, – political expert Volodymyr Fesenko is convinced.

“Another thing Ukrainian political leadership should take into account is how the projection of this decision will affect future decisions about Donbas and the Crimea, where the position of major players may also not coincide with the interests of Ukraine. That is why we should manifest entirely Ukrainian-centric steps, placing a premium on our own interests without departing from declared goals”, – the expert added.

“If Ukraine is unable to cope with this challenge and attract investments, the plant may turn into a junk heap, as it has already happened to many others in Zaporizhzhia, “AvtoZaz” or “Aluminum Combine” in particular. On this account, the investment package from the Middle Kingdom offers a great value,” – Fesenko summed up.

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  1. Like me and Focusser already said, if a US company makes a better offer, we can talk. Just ‘forbidding’ the deal with China is not on here…

    • I would add that the US has seen over the years, all the theft and deception from China. It’s a very clever foreign policy. Much like Russia is doing in Africa. Once they get the technology they kill you on labor costs. Then they have to move to China.

  2. Ukraine should act in their own interests.
    Their long term interests.
    Sell Motor Sich to china and that company will be gone for good.
    That is the standard go to plan for the Chinese.
    On the other hand if they US wants UA to block a deal then the US needs to make it worth UA’s while.
    UA is holding a strong hand here and they need to play it for all it is worth.
    Fast tracking the licences to sell Ukraine aviation products in the US market would be a good place to start.
    Not dawdling around on the aid money Congress has already allocated to Ukraine would be another.

  3. Who is this Feseknko numb nuts anyway? His statement; “the investment package from the Middle Kingdom offers a great value”. Sounds like a Pootler schill promoting another division wedge in Ukraine. Ukraine may be smart to limit investment to less than 50% foreign stake in total.
    Pootlerstan seizes control by military might or the perception of such. The Chinese are much more cagey by presenting themselves as friends coming to your aid.
    Fesenko is correct that Ukraine and Ukrainian citizens need the final say, but must not sell their souls for quick financial gain. They are trying to shuck off one devil in the form of Pootlerstan so they need to keep their heads up and eyes open to keep from running headlong into the arms of another, in the form of China or the EU.

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