Trump cancels Poland trip as hurricane heads to Florida

President Donald Trump on Thursday canceled his planned weekend trip to Poland as Hurricane Dorian barrels toward Florida.

Trump, announcing the last-minute change of plans at a Rose Garden signing ceremony, said it was “very important” for him to be in Washington to deal with the storm, which the National Hurricane Center predicts will make landfall on Labor Day as a Category 4 storm with 130 mph winds. “Our highest priority is the safety and security of the American people in the path of the hurricane,” Trump said.

Trump had been scheduled to depart for Warsaw Saturday, returning home Monday, for a visit to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the start of World War II. He said he’ll be sending Vice President Mike Pence in his place. 

He just returned from France, where he attended the annual Group of Seven world leaders’ summit. Trump said he had delivered the news of the cancellation to Polish President Andrzej Duda earlier Thursday and plans to reschedule the trip — which would have been his second to Warsaw — in the “near future.” But the decision nonetheless caught staff off-guard.

White House officials typically arrive on-site weeks before a presidential trip and many journalists were already en route to Warsaw when Trump announced he’d pulled the plug.

Currently a Category 1 storm, Dorian left lighter-than-expected damage in its wake in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, but is expected to strengthen into a potentially catastrophic Cat 4 by the time it slams into the U.S. on Monday, somewhere between the Florida Keys and southern Georgia. Meteorologists say it could hit practically anywhere in Florida because the weather forces that will determine its path have not yet had their showdown.

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      • Getting his orders from Putin… He provoked Denmark on purpose to have an excuse to cancel his trip. With Denmark and Poland he refused to meet two key allies of Ukraine. This is not by accident. Maybe he’s worried bout his golf course, since the only ballz he has are golf balls…

        • Trump could do something useful for Ukraine and the world in general: instead of Greenland, here’s another mutually beneficial purchase: Ukraine. $2.1 trillion would be a good ballpark figure. Zelensky would become the governor of the biggest state in the union by population. Each citizen would receive $50,000. People under the age of 45 would get $30k, with the other $20k going into a trust. America would quickly and easily recover the costs from Ukraine’s enormous mineral resources and a more efficient tax gathering system. The population is well educated and tech savvy so it would become an economic powerhouse. A referendum on such a proposal would produce a massive yes vote. Its citizens would be safe: ‘Yuge’ military bases would be built there, projecting American power and influence in an area where it is needed, acting as a counterweight to the EU’s destructive imperialism and protecting Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic states from putinazi aggression. Best of all, the tiny poisoner of the kremlin would be spitting blood. Then later, consolidate by purchasing Georgia and Moldova by the same method.

          • Or he could buy the Crimea and make it a US territory similar to Puerto Rico. Then have a huge naval base there, to protect Ukraine and Moldova, etc.

  1. Trump feels it is important to be in Washington to deal with a storm in Florida. Shouldn’t he be in Florida? This is the poorest excuse I ever heard, you would think a hurricane is a rare event in the US.

      • The hurricane is not going to stop for Trump, and I’m sure the authorities have the situation and emergency drills under control. Was reading in the miami herald that the hurricane is on a path towards his home there.

    • Since Trump keeps denying climate change and wants to boost the coal industry, Dixie will seize to exist in a few decades…

  2. This hurricane is a category 4 , it has the potential to cut across the state and be the most severe storm in a decade.
    This is a big deal for the United States

  3. Whether in Washington, DC, Floida or Poland, his presense won’t effect the storm. Reporters will invent all kinds of delusion no matter what he does. The storm and cleanup authorities are trained and experienced, so can look after that end. And Pence could watch over either way. I would have kept the script as written.

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