Security Service of Ukraine: Russia and Ukraine won’t exchange prisoners today

There will be no official exchange of prisoners between Ukraine and Russia on Friday.

“There will be no official exchange of prisoners between Ukraine and Russia on Friday. The final date is yet unknown,” the press center of the Security Service of Ukraine told Ukrinform.

On the night of August 30, former member of the Russian State Duma Ilya Ponomarev, who acquired the citizenship of Ukraine, reported that prisoner swap between Ukraine and Russian could take place on August 30. Subsequently, newly appointed Prosecutor General of Ukraine Ruslan Riaboshapka shared a Facebook publication of a Verkhovna Rada employee, Anna Isliamova, in which she wrote that the exchange of prisoners between Ukraine and the Russian Federation had started.

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  1. Hardly surprising. Nothing is ever straight forward when dealing with terrorists. This is also confirmed on Interfax, who said the swap could take place next week. Muscovy will probably wait until Zelensky is in Poland, and try to get Medvedchuk to meet the hostages.

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    • Oh you are cynical, but you’re usually correct. I suppose I was a little surprised when I posted the first article about this. That’s why I put the top line in red. Too bad Zelenskiy’s team doesn’t use the media so they don’t have to answer questions like where and when….

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      • The whole episode is a fiasco. Nobody gives a fuck about the poor relatives. If this is how Zelensky is going to run Ukraine in the next five years, nobody will have a clue what is going on.

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        • The fault has to lie with whoever it was in Ukraine that released the ‘news’. I knew it was premature for some reason, just a feeling I had.

          I expect the behind the scenes talks have occurred, but the official negotiations have yet to take place, such as assurances that the ‘criminals’ will continue to serve a sentence in thier home Countries, non-disclosure agreements and who knows what else.

          Ukraine must not be so desperate for the release of its Hostages that it agrees to any of these or other measures as you can be sure the vatnikis won’t. They will either ignore any agreements or will make piss poor excuses as to why someone was released early from Prison or talked to the Media.

          Those fuckers have no morals or honour.

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          • Problem in Ukraine, all media are owned by different oligarchs, so they will all try to undermine the other. It’s telling that the only Ukrainian media site not to publish any article regarding this fiasco, is EuromaidanPress.

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