Russian Isolation Would Be Europe’s ‘Profound Error,’ France’s Macron Says

Pushing Russia further into isolation would be a “profound error” by Europe, French President Emmanuel Macron has said in his latest overture toward the country that has been under Western sanctions since annexing Crimea from Ukraine in 2014.

Macron played up efforts to “tie Russia and Europe back together” when he hosted President Vladimir Putin in France last week. He later followed up with a tweet saying that “Russia is a very deeply European country.”

“Pushing Russia from Europe is a profound strategic error,” Macron told French diplomats Tuesday following the G7 summit he hosted over the weekend.

Forcing Russia into isolation or an alliance with China “is not in our interests,” Macron said. “Nor is it in our interest to be weak vis-a-vis Russia, to forget our disagreements.”

Frozen conflicts will metastasize and Europe will remain a “theater of struggle between the United States and Russia” if the bloc doesn’t review its ties with Russia, Macron warned. 

“The European continent will never be stable, will never be secure, if we don’t pacify and clarify our relations with Russia,” Macron said.

At the start of his speech, the French president borrowed a refrain commonly used by Putin and other Russian officials to warn against “the end of Western hegemony over the world.”  

The G7 summit held in Biarritz, France made headlines last weekend when U.S. President Donald Trump’s demand to readmit Russia into the group led to “heated exchanges” among members.

(c) The Moscow Times


  1. “The European continent will never be stable, will never be secure, if we don’t pacify and clarify our relations with Russia,”

    You speak for the gutless French, Macron. You don’t speak for Ukraine, the Baltics or Poland. We had high hopes for you, but it turns out you are just another jellyfish.

    • It’s really sad when an ally like France wants to blame the US for violence in Europe. That’s all we’ve heard from Vatnikland since 2014, that if you disagree with them you are a puppet of the USA.
      Just like mental illness or addiction, the 1st step is to call the problem what it is…..Russian fascism. The US did not invade South Ossetia, Abkhazia, the Donbas or the Crimea. It was the Russia. The US has never occupied land in Europe though a million Americans have died in Europe protecting it. Pisses me off when people purposefully forget history.

  2. Ha,ha,ha! History will fuck you in the ass! Your drivel is not more than oral diarrhea! I only hope he’s aware of Europe’s situation when Trump will be replaced by someone who dislikes Putin completely in 2021…

  3. Macron is a weird, granny-grabbing putler jackboot licker. Easily matching the calibre of all the previous cheese eating surrender monkeys that have held that position.

  4. I can understand the worry that vatnikistan will align with the likes of China and other commie countries, but while shorty is in charge any quarter given will just be directed towards the military.
    The Chinese can make anything that the rest of the World can, so any sanctions must be directed towards those that shorty can’t get from his commie or nazi pals. I don’t think there is anything.

    This is what Macron has in mind, bring vatnikistan closer to the West instead of the East.

    There is a balance between appeasement and allowing territorial gains which needs to be found,

    shorty is so stupid he has forgotten one of the reasons why the nazi state of WW2 and the soviet union failed and will always fail.

  5. The Frogs have only themselves to blame for the violence. Brigett Bardot has warned them of the consequences of muslim immigration and convicted by retard court five times. Everything she said has been proven true. They keep their heads in the sand ignorin the situation and their ass is being kicked!
    Getting to be a growing list of countries to avoid or boycott. Canada under the Lieberloons is now close. Liberal muslim woman MP calling to introduce Sharia Laws.
    And our illustrious PM Dustbin Truedopey marching in another turd tamper parade with a big cheezy grin on his mug, beside a guy with white knee socks with the turd tamper rainbow logo and running shoes. A third sock covered his noodle, but pubs clearly visible. I figure indecent exposure for three socks, and complicity in indecent exosure for Turdope!

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