Razumkov stops deputy from the party Medvedchuk speaking in Russian

The party representative Opposition Platform – For Life Oleg Voloshin, who began speaking in Russian during the first meeting of the new Rada, had his microphone turned off .

It is reported by Ukrainian truth .

“ Dear Ruslan Alekseevich ( Stefanchuk, First Deputy Speaker of the Rada – ed), I first of all welcome the intention you showed, just like Dmitry Alexandrovich ( Razumkov, Speaker of the Rada – ed), to not divide this hall into right and wrong deputies. There are different deputies in this hall, ( switched to Russian – ed.) We are just as different as our different citizens, speaking different languages, going to different churches and professing different ideologies, ”he said. 

After that, they turned off the microphone.

In turn, the speaker Dmitry Razumkov urged Voloshin to adhere to the regulations.

“ I ask, let’s stick to the rules, Oleg,” he said.

“ I can speak the language that the majority of our voters speak,” Voloshin said.

After he switched to Russian, the people’s deputy’s microphone was turned off. He was later allowed to finish, but he continued in Ukrainian.

(c) Novoe Vremya


  1. Laws don’t apply to Russian scum, he should know that. Rada need to bring in a law, speak Ukrainian, or get booted out of Rada.

  2. If he continued in ukrainian, he just proved that he is not a russian-speaker but a ukrainian speaking a language other to his native one, bought and paid for by Moscow!!!

    • We all know the opposition party are bought and paid for by Putin. It’s nice to see his mic was turned off.

  3. Keep trning them off until they learn to abide by the language law. I expect they are pushing buttons to justify a move by the murderous midget.

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