Opposition Figure Sobol Attacked Outside Moscow Apartment

Russian opposition activist Lyubov Sobol has been attacked with an unknown liquid outside her Moscow apartment, the activist said on Thursday.

Sobol emerged as the de facto leader of this summer’s Moscow protest movement to demand fair local elections after several of her fellow opposition candidates were jailed on protest-related charges. Following a two-week lapse in protests, Sobol and other opposition figures have called on supporters to attend a peaceful protest in central Moscow on Saturday.

Только что на меня напали около подъезда моего дома, когда я садилась в такси, выплеснули какую-то грязь, залили салон машины. Все это снимал пригожинский ублюдок на видео pic.twitter.com/QV5X2QSXps— Соболь Любовь (@SobolLubov) August 29, 2019

“They just attacked me near the entrance of my building when I got in a taxi,” Sobol tweeted. “They threw some dirt and flooded the inside of the car.”

“The whole thing was filmed by a [supporter of businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin] on video,” she added alongside photos of the taxi, her jacket and the boy who filmed her.

After Russian election officials this month struck down Sobol’s appeal to be allowed onto the Sept. 8 ballot, she called on supporters to take part in a “Smart Voting” strategy on election day.

In June, Sobol’s campaign booths had been attacked with feces while she was collecting the required signatures needed to appear on the Moscow City Duma ballot.

Yevgeny Prigozhin, often called “Putin’s chef,” has previously been linked to a 2016 attempt on Sobol’s husband’s life. This spring, Prigozhin’s school catering company sued Sobol, opposition Alexei Navalny and Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Fund over an investigation they conducted into the company’s supply of food to schools.

(c) The Moscow Times


  • This is just a warning from the Kremlin. Maybe you should contact PACE, they stand for democracy and human rights, so they say.

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    • I had a fierce exchange with a senior kremkrapper yesterday: Peter Hitchens. Normally his mods block me, but this time he allowed my comments to be published so he could publicly refute my arguments. For some reason he took exception to me referring to him as a ‘two bit kremlin shill, like Jeremy Corbyn and George Galloway’.

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      • There is another one on RT, never heard of this one before, but he is talking about Boris destroying the UK, and that the US not Moscow are the threat. His name is John Wight.

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        • Hitchens works for the biggest English language news site in the world, so he’s important.
          RT is just pond scum in comparison. I understand that RT UK hires people who have just graduated from journalism school and don’t have the talent to get into reputable news organisations. They pay them well. All they need is to be a) a putlerite or b) a person of no integrity. Sadly there is no shortage of people meeting either of these criteria.

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          • This guy claims to have worked for the Independent, and the Guardian, but nothing shows up in Google about him working for these companies. What does show up though, is an impressive rogues gallery of sites he is associated with.

            Sputnik, Medium, RT, HuffPost United Kingdom, Zero Hedge, teleSUR, AlterNet, The News International, Salt Lake Tribune, CounterPunch, Mint Press News, The Morning Star, The Royal Gazette, Catholic World Report, Boxing News 24/7, American Herald Tribune, New Age (Bangladesh), Canadian Dimension

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            • A fairly classic example of the misfits and vermin that work for that shitshow! Did you know that Alex Jones, who is certifiably insane as well as evil, often appears there as an ‘expert’. Also be aware that the vile anti-Semite and Ukraine hater Giorgi G’Allah-weih works for those demons. He appears with one of his wives (he converted to the religion of hate quite recently). So he’s augmented his IRA support with support for Hamas, Hezbollah etc.

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  • Shit smearing is a well known tactic of terrorists and terror states like putlerstan, because fundamentally they are savages.

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