Ukraine has exported 217 tonnes of frozen fish this year

In January-June 2019, Ukrainian producers exported 217 tonnes of frozen fish to the tune of $573,000.

“For the first six months of 2019, 217 tonnes of Ukrainian frozen fish were shipped to foreign markets to the tune of $573,000,” the press service of the State Agency of Fisheries of Ukraine reports.

As noted, 49% of all Ukrainian frozen fish exports (in monetary terms) account for the European countries ($281,100); 32% – the CIS countries ($183,700); 18% – Asian countries ($105,800).

The major importers of Ukrainian frozen fish are Moldova (68.4 tonnes worth $183,200), Hungary (46.2 tonnes worth $149,800), Germany (55.9 tonnes worth $80,600), Turkey (13.1 tonnes worth $52,800), Georgia (13.8 tonnes worth $52,800), Romania (4.5 tonnes worth $24,200) and Poland (13.1 tonnes worth $21,400).

(C) Ukrinform News


  1. I would be interested to know what sort of fish, from where and how caught including the Boats used if relevent.

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