RIA News-Ukraine Editor-In-Chief Kyrylo Vyshynsky Released From Custody

The court granted an appeal of the decision to continue the detention of RIA News-Ukraine editor-in-chief Kyrylo Vyshynsky, who is suspected in the high treason. According to this decision, Vyshynskyy was immediately released from custody.

Vyshynsky was detained for 1 year and 3 months. Now the preventive measure has been changed from detention to personal recognizance.

Kyrylo Vyshynsky is formerly a Ukrainian journalist and editor-in-chief of Russia’s RIA News agency department in Ukraine. According to the Ukrainian prosecution, he wrote 72 articles of “anti-Ukrainian nature.” He was detained and placed in custody in May 2018. During the searches at Vyshynsky’s home and office, a Russian passport, as well as awards presented to the journalist by Russian state for his service to the country, were detected. Since then, on June 1, 2018, Vyshynsky admitted to having a Russian passport (dual citizenship is not allowed by the Ukrainian law) and renounced his Ukrainian citizenship.

On March 14, 2019, Vyshynsky was transferred from Kherson to Kyiv. Thereafter, the court extended the detention several times. Kyrylo Vyshynsky was held in the Lukyanivske pre-trial detention center.

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  1. Well he will head home to Moskovia right away. There goes any bargaining chip to get kidnapped Ukrainians released. This propaganda turd was the only one Putler was interested in.

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