Literally half a step remains to fascism in “DNR”– disappointed apologist for the Russian world

A fascist state is being formed in the part of Donetsk oblast occupied by Russia. This was acknowledged by one of ardent supporters of Novorossia and Russian world Roman Manekin in a social network.

There is already a secured in legislation totalitarian system in the “DNR”, the rigidity of which is mixed by the international, production mentality of the Donbass people”, – he states.

“We are literally half a step away from fascism: it is enough to say “Heil!” to any personal address and the “DNR” will become a classic fascist state”, – he is sure.

According to the ideological Ukrainophobe Manekin, “Ukraine (contrary to the statements of separatist propaganda – OstroV) is not a fascist state, because it has democratic institutions: from real separation of powers to formal freedom of speech, rallies and meetings”.

“Democratic freedoms are forbidden in occupied Donetsk. Normatively!”, – he resents.

(C) ostrov 2019


  1. I think the author is exaggerating when he says they are half a step away from fascism. They crossed that line 5 years ago.

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