Zelensky says Crimea’s and Donbas occupation comparable to two children grabbed by your neighbour

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky to make it clear for those, who “do not understand” pain of Ukrainians caused by the occupation of Crimea and parts of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, suggested to imagine feelings of the parents, whose children were taken away.

“I love our land, because every corner of Ukraine is a big family. And for those, who do not understand today’s pain of Ukrainians, I will explain in a very simple language: imagine that, for example, a neighbor took away two children from you,” the president said during the festivities dedicated to Day of Independence of Ukraine that are taking place on Independence Square on Saturday.

“The first child was just stolen. He was given a new birth certificate, and then they say: ‘Come on, we didn’t take your child, he wanted to live with us. So what that at gunpoint? This is his desire. Anyway, who told you that this is your child? It has been ours for centuries. Don’t worry, it will be better for him here. We have a wonderful shelter near the sea, under the sun’,” he said.

Zelensky said that five years later those, who were worried, say: “Come on, everything seems to be fine, the child is no longer crying for you, and in general: he is not very much like you. ‘Why do they say that? Because it is not their child’,” said the president.

“As for the ‘second child’, he was locked in a children’s room with armed guard watching. And you’ve been told: ‘What kind of security? There is no one there.’ And you hear how here, next to the wall, your child is crying, but you can’t go in there,” this is how the president explained what is going on in Donbas in a figurative speech.

The Ukrainian president said that heart of every Ukrainian is breaking day after day. “And any victories or achievements are imperfect, since the family is not full. But once the day comes, and for sure we will gather together. Because voice of native blood will win!” he said.


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