Media: Russian military and Hezbollah behind major drug trafficking in Middle East

Russia has complete control over the Syrian coast, and Russian officers together with Hezbollah monopolize the drug smuggling route in the Middle East, writes the Lebanese news outlet Al Modon.

The drugs come from the Lebanese province of Beqaa to the Syrian Port of Latakia, Assad’s bodyguards get “something” from the Lebanese militants, take the bags to the port and hand them over to the Russians, who load them onto ships and send them, presumably, to Russia or China.

The Syrian president’s “bodyguards” in this case are Russian Special Operations Forces who are stationed in Syria alongside the regular army divisions.

The author of the article cites an incident that took place in July this year. At the time, a certain police colonel in Latakia stopped the cargo in the Syrian port. He confiscated a large number of various kinds of narcotics, photographed them and posted the pictures in the local media. However, following intervention by the Russian special forces, the cargo was nevertheless delivered to its destination, the publications were taken down, and the colonel himself was hurriedly dispatched to the city of Homs.

“There is no statistical data on the profit from the illegal trafficking of drugs from Syria to Russia. Their ultimate destination is also unknown, since the Russian mafia often floods the European markets with drugs from different sources – Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, as well as Lebanon through Syria. At present, Hezbollah is dependent on cultivating cannabis and producing various kinds of drugs that are sent to the regional and international markets. In this way, the group ensures its survival after the intensification of the American sanctions on Tehran,” the article observes.

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  1. Guess they stopped using Russian embassies to smuggle the drugs, now they use Russian puppets to spread their mafia shit.

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