The real reason the EU opposes Brexit


  1. They oppose it because they fear other netto payers like Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Holland may follow the UK on their way out. So they give the UK the shittiest deal possible, so they go down either on the deal or no deal. Then they can point at the UK and say ‘see, if you leave you’ll go broke’. This is how the greater Germany works…

  2. It will be a no-deal Brexit. The small problems, like no airconnections any more it will achieve, clown Johnson will solve.

    • Clown is a pejorative term; usually deployed against a person who is stupid or evil or both. Since he has a 2:1 from Balliol, speaks Latin, Ancient Greek and French, was editor of the Spectator, was elected mayor of a left wing city (London) twice, served as Foreign Secretary and is now prime minister of the world’s fifth largest economy, ‘stupid’ can be ruled out. He is also unambiguously supportive of Ukraine. So clearly it is you who is the clown.

  3. Exactly why Ukraine should no join. Once the EU gets them integrated, they will be into the piggybank! Better go through the required reforms, but hold at the association agreement. I would support scradge1’s mythical trade block. The greedy ones got in their mess, let them get reality straight!

    • Britain is a democracy. You unfortunately are sounding like a crypto-putinoid imbecile. It is one of the oldest democracies in the world. Furthermore Boris Johnson just described Ukraine in parliament in the last few minutes as ‘that wonderful country’ and reaffirmed his support for president Zelensky. The crapulous drivel you write is more suitable for a Sputnik or RT editorial. I would remind you that several hundred officers and trainers of the British army have been training the Ukraine army for the past five years. What has your piss-ass country done for Ukraine, apart from vote to keep Ukraine out of the EU?

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