G7 member countries not to vote for Russia’s return during Summit in France

Even for the issue to be discussed, let alone voted, Russia has to ask for a follow-up return officially, which it still hasn’t done

Russia’s return to G7 will certainly be the topic for discussion on the summit in Biarritz this weekend. However, the member countries are not going to vote for this yet. A high-rank official from the White House said so as quoted by Reuters.

“(…) the leaders are also likely to differ over Trump’s desire to have Russia re-enter the grouping, making it the G8. The official noted that Russia had not formally requested to be re-admitted to the group. The official said that would be necessary for any such move to take place”, the news agency wrote.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mariya Zakharova noted that Moscow was only ready to discuss this issue next year – if the G7 is “interested in serious communication on equal terms”.

Dmitriy Peskov, the press secretary of Russian leader Vladimir Putin added that the country’s return to G7 is not a “goal for itself”.

August 22, Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky sent a message to all G7 leaders, asking them to continue supporting his country. Previously, Zelensky claimed that Russia may not return to the G7 until it gives Crimea back to Ukraine and stops military aggression in Donbas.

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  1. “interested in serious communication on equal terms”.

    Terrorists are not equal with anyone, except other terrorists. The G7, with one exception made it quite clear that Muscovy will not get back in until Crimea is returned, comprende?

  2. Putin’s Russia must pay the consequences for their relentless attacks on Ukraine. There is no other way

  3. Does anybody know what all these useless meetings cost? And why always in exclusive locations? Why not meet there where all the ‘refugees’ were dumped? Stupid apes!

  4. Way too fackin’ much!
    Entitlement. They are using the citizens of their countries credit cards.

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