Dear followers…

Dear followers. You may have wanted to post pictures or videos but may not know how.

This is how it works:

Option 1: Google a picture/gif/mēme or a youtube video and post the link of the picture or video in the comment box.

Important! Only 1 link per comment is allowed.

Option 2: Upload the picture/movie to Disqus or an online drive, and copy/paste the link into the comment box. And remember – only 1 link per comment.

Thank you for your attention!


  • Thanks Mike, we should practice by publishing our favorite pictures of Hitler 2.0. Here goes nothing…

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    • One more piece of advise for our Authors, when you want to publish pictures, save the 1st one (or the only one) for the Featured picture.
      You will find the Featured picture button on the Document tab on the right when creating your article. There is a Block tab and a Document tab.
      The Document tab also has the choices for Categories and Tags. I usually just use the Categories.
      When I want a Featured Picture I can upload directly from My Pictures on my computer. To post inside an article I have to save the picture to the Media Library for this site first.
      Featured Pictures will allow the article to accompany a picture on the Reader page or scrolling through the Comments page. Here is a screen shot…

      Here you can see one article with a Feature Picture and one without.

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