Ukraine, Russia to go for 33/33 prisoner swap – media

Kyiv and Moscow are close to sealing a final agreement on the exchange of held persons. Photo from UNIAN

Ukraine and the Russian Federation have reached a preliminary agreement on the exchange of held persons according to the 33-for-33 formula. That’s according to a report by RBC, with reference to informed sources.

The Ukrainian and Russian sides are preparing for an exchange according to the said formula, while former chief editor of RIA Novosti Ukraine, Kirill Vyshinsky, is not in this list, says the source familiar with the negotiations. Vyshynsky’s transfer could be held according to a special scheme, the publication notes.

Photo from UNIAN

Another source said that it’s the very fact of Vyshinsky’s return, not his exchange, is important for Moscow. Read also Russia may swap captured Ukrainian sailors by late August – media Whether Ukrainian film director Oleh Sentsov will be released is also unknown.

The report noted that the Human Rights Commissioner of Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada, Liudmyla Denisova, has already arrived in Russia. As UNIAN reported earlier, the Kremlin confirmed Russia was in contact with Ukraine on the issue of the exchange of held persons.

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  1. 33 Russian soldiers and terrorists will be exchanged for 33 innocent political prisoners from Ukraine held in Gulagstan.
    The clown agreed!

    • As Focusser points out, this RTard was a Ukrainian at the time of his treason so the Moskali have ZERO claim on him. The only connection is that he was working for the ruSSo-fascists at the time. Someone PLEASE give the Kremlin a map that was made after 1988?!

      • You would need to glue it on theouthouse door, right side up with map showing, just so they get the proper effect. If it is glued to the door they have time to consider it while not being able to rip it off to wipe their backsides as seems the norm.

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