Rada set to cancel parliamentary immunity Sep 3 – media

The Servant of the People faction is now accepting in its ranks a number of new members who were elected as independent candidates. Photo from UNIAN

Photo from UNIAN

The Verkhovna Rada intends to cancel parliamentary immunity as early as Sep 3, as ZN.ua reported. Referring to unnamed sources, ZN.ua says on the first day of the regular session, Aug 29, the new Parliament will not only elect its Presidium and the new Cabinet of Ministers but also vote Bill No. 7203 – on amendments to Article 80 of the Constitution of Ukraine (regarding the immunity of people’s deputies of Ukraine).

“On the one hand, the adoption of the law corresponds to one of the main promises made by Volodymyr Zelensky. On the other hand, it will help him, through law enforcement, control faction unity,” the report reads. The bill proposes to abolish parliamentary immunity, which will result in no Rada consent being needed to bring deputies to justice.

The publication notes that on August 29 it is planned to consolidate the bill [a minimum of 226 votes is needed to this end], which was initially drafted by ex-president Petro Poroshenko and received the approval of the Constitutional Court. Read also Servant of the People leader vows punishment to faction members for breaching rules The very voting for the bill itself is scheduled for Sep 3. The adoption of a law amending the Constitution requires a minimum of 300 votes.

It is noted that the Constitutional Court at one time had comments to the bill, repeatedly emphasizing that the immnunity of people’s deputies is not a personal privilege, but the need to secure MPs from unlawful interference in their professional activity.

The report also says that the Servant of the People faction is currently accepting in its ranks a number of deputies who were elected as independent candidates.

The faction could potentially grow by 49 seats. As UNIAN reported earlier, the Servant of the People party seeks to abolish parliamentary immunity and expand the list of grounds for early dismissal of people’s deputies.

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  1. Much needed and glad Poroshenko got the ball rolling on this…but…I find it hard to believe the Russian opposition in Ukraine (Medvedchuk, Boyko…) will support this since it’s their life line.

  2. IF Ze can pull this off then his presidency can be considered a success.
    The Maidan revolution is turning out to not be a lighting fast strike but long drawn out campaign as each obestical is slowly removed one at a time.

    • The situation was created over years of Tzarist and CCCP overlordship. The processes in government and business need to be rebuilt, a few at a time analyzing and picking key areas first. Corruption in top level government and courts is a good start. On some of this, caution is advised. If a surgeon has to deal with a gangrene leg, hack away. But brain surgery requires a skillfull touch. Concerning Ukraine the trick to discern which to use in a given circumstance.
      By the way marcodian, welcome.

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