UK’s Johnson says case yet to be made for Russia to rejoin G7

BERLIN, Aug 21 (Reuters) – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Wednesday he did not believe the case had yet been made for Russia to rejoin the G7 following its “provocations” in places like Salisbury, Ukraine and elsewhere.

“On Russia and the G7, I’m aware of the moves to reintegrate Russia into the G7,” he said at a news conference in Berlin alongside Chancellor Angela Merkel.

He added: “given what happened in Salisbury in Wiltshire, given the use of chemical weapons on British soil, given the continuing instability, civil war, the war in Ukraine, given Russia’s provocations, not just in Ukraine but many other places, I must say I am very much with Chancellor Merkel in thinking that the case has yet to be made out for Russia to return to the G7.” (Reporting by William James; writing by Kate Holton; editing by Stephen Addison)

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  1. “Boris Johnson said on Wednesday he did not believe the case had yet been made for Russia to rejoin the G7 following its “provocations” in places like Salisbury, Ukraine and elsewhere.”

    Provocations Boris? Since when has invasion, murder and the use of chemical weapons been a provocation. I’m pissed of with these politicaians too scared to say it like it is, fuck diplomacy.

    • He should avoid appearing to align himself with stasi scum Merkel too. To be fair, I suppose he feels he has to use diplomatic language now he’s PM, but he has been quite clear in the past. Previously he labeled the rodent “a ruthless and manipulative tyrant”. Which is more blunt than almost any other ‘brand name’ politician except Johnny Mac.

      • I’m not sure Putin understands diplomatic language, better using language he can relate too, like murdering terrorist nazi scum.

        • We can’t even get Ukrainian politicians to use that sort of righteous language, let alone anyone else! Sadly. The forthright Anna Politkovskaya said that the rodent was setting up a ‘Soviet-style dictatorship’ and we know what happened to her.

          • Politicians in the West, would be advised to listen to Nemtsov’s words to John McCain before Putin had him murdered.

            “You know, Senator, Putin really hates you.” This drew a smile from the senator. “Do you know why he hates you, Senator?” Nemtsov asked and paused. “It’s because he’s afraid of you. And the reason he’s afraid of you is that he knows that deep down, you will always stand by your principles. That frightens him, because unlike you, he is a man without principles.”

            Sadly principles in the West, have been bought by Russian rubles.

            • A tragedy. In a more benign parallel universe, Nemtsov and McCain would be presidents of their respective countries.

    • I don’t think the Moskali should be in ANY international organizations for a slew of reasons and we know isolation works with the Moskali. Let them be beholden to the likes of Syria, Iran and Zimbabwe….they can have their mini-Olympics in Damascus….

  2. There is no case to be made! Golden Horde military inhabit Crimea, Transnistria, Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Their “tourist” scum are still in east Ukraine killing not just Ukraine Military personnel, but their actions are responsible for the death and injury to civillians, many of whom are children.
    Nope. The only case to be made with Pee Wee Pootie is baseball bat diplomacy!

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