Ukraine should have limited sovereignty over Donbass: like Britain over Canada – Chesnakov

The occupied Donbass should receive a full “special status”, and Ukraine will have quite limited sovereignty over it. This is how Russian political scientist Alexey Chesnakov sees the outcome of the Minsk agreements.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Alexey Chesnakov Russian scientist

In an interview with one of the Russian media, answering the question of how Russian curator of the Donbass war Vladislav Surkov sees the final of the Minsk process, Chesnakov made it clear that, according to the Kremlin’s intentions, the occupied Donbass would never be returned to the legislative environment of Ukraine.

“…Giving Donbass a real, full-fledged special status. Donbass should coexist with Ukraine, approximately like Hong Kong with China – one people, two systems. Only not for fifty years, but for an indefinite period. Or Ukraine can gain the so-called symbolic sovereignty over Donbass. Something like Britain over Canada or Australia, where the English queen is nominally listed as the head of state, but in fact has no power. It will be a good decision”, – he voiced the imperial intentions of the Russian authorities.

“If someday Donbass and Ukraine are able to forget blood and grievances – they will draw together. If no – they will break up further. When they finally come to their senses in Ukraine, they could make Donbass a sphere of common interests of Russia and Ukraine. So that Donbass does not become a cause of contention, but a platform for cooperation and joint work. There could be two equal currencies – ruble and hryvnia, the joint ventures would work”, – Mr. Chesnakov summed up his vision of the Minsk agreements.

As previously reported, the Minsk agreements have nothing to do with the interpretation proposed by Chesnakov. First of all, they provide for the restoration of the territorial integrity of Ukraine by providing the temporarily occupied territories of Donbass with the status of “areas with a special order of local self-government”. Under all the documents signed in Minsk, there are signatures, including of the puppet “DNR/LNR” leaders. Such concepts like the “DNR” or “LNR”, as well as the names of any positions of “heads of republics”, do not appear in the Minsk documents at all.

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  1. No matter what imaginations and machinations the Kremlin has for the Donbas (and the Crimea) Ukrainians are the ones who matter and they know who these regions belong with. No propaganda nor fake referendums will change that. More forced deportations and Kremlin repopulation will change that either. If nobody helps Ukraine be sovereign we will wait until Putler is returned to the worms and the Moskali advance as a society and understands they already have the largest country on earth and don’t need to feed their inherent fascism by trying to steal more and more territory

    • Might have to set up grumpycanuk for myself. Dmitry posted that photo of Melania on a Disqus Grace and Truth site. That got the clucking chickens and lemmings fired up. One got her hubby to contact Trumpet to sue. Whether we agree or not, pretty funny. I got a coupl stirred up also. Go figure, eh? It is in with the mails this morning under Disqus Digest.

      • So, Christians are a bunch of clucking chickens and lemmings? Hitler would agree with you. Continue to feed the dark side and you will end up miserable, deceitful and hateful like Dmitry, is that what you want Grumpy?

        • It is not all Christians Red, just some. I am a born again, spirit filled believer. I have experienced those busybodies more interested inn how neighbors and other Christians act than what they are at. Also Christian business people that speak about how richly God is blessing them. You go to their business for a quote and get a price 20% higher than from a couple of nonbeliever businesses. When you mention that, they say “we have to support other believers”. Now I do support that to a point. But when you know their materials cost is the same as the other two businesses, they are using the Church community to shame people while they pad their profits. I don’t call that God’s blessing, I call it corruption. God in blessing a business will bring more customers through the door even if your price is the same as the competition.
          Should not vent here, but just so you know a bit about my “war wounds” in life.

          • I have no clue what issues you two are having again, nor do i get what you’re talking about. Just watch some lesbians going downe on each other and enjoy your lives. 😂

            • No worries. Stems from yesteday stumbling onto a Disqus Grace and Trth site. Dmitry was on there also. I made a post to himafter reading a bunch about “self righteous clucking chickens and lemmings.” That got under Red’s skin a bit so I was explaining my point.
              You being a Christian have come across some “clucking chickens”, the gossipers. And then the “lemmings”, the ones that condem others actions and they will end up in Hades for that. I was not calling everyone out though.

  2. Where did this snapperhead get his education or qualifications. He needs a shovel education, shovel full of pig manure upside his head, preferably frozen a bit.
    No “automony” for any region; decentralization and separation of federal, provincial and municipal levels of government is the required action. The soviet imperial mindset only comprehends central government for control. Their idea is full control of Donbas itself also able to exert control in Kyiv. That will promote Hong Kong type protests eventually. Pootlerstan is overdue to experience that. We wait to see what the commies in Begieng will do.
    Decentralization is the way to peaceful coexistance.

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