UA.TV: They will stay on front line until Ukraine is free from Russian occupation

We’ll take a look at how the lives of three Ukrainian soldiers have changed since 2014. The servicemen served in the Aydar volunteer battalion at the start of the fighting, the battalion is now part of the Ukrainian armed forces.

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  1. These are great men. Thanks to UATV for bringing their story to the public. Btw, for anyone who doesn’t know, digging a trench is fucking backbreaking work; especially in summer.

    • Not to me, did it with ease. Carrying a metal detector cross a minefield is far worse, it is torture for the back. Had it all in Yugoslavia. The worst during war is the stress and the psychological strain, both can last forever. I am still suffering from hyperstress. I hope the boyz can go home soon and get banged by their beloved wives again. 😎

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