Russia prepares banking system of occupied Donbas for integration

InformNapalm international intelligence community revealed the signs of the final stage of preparation of the banking system of the occupied Donbas for the integration into the financial system of Russia.

“The integration of the banking system has reached a decisive stage as evidenced by our insiders from the occupied territories and the findings made when analyzing the open sources,” reads the report published on the community’s website on Wednesday.

According to InformNapalm, the so-called “Central Republican Bank of the Donetsk People’s Republic” (“CRB of the DPR”) announced the transition to a new settlement plan. The transfer to new settlements and individuals began on August 19.

As noted in the report, the users of social networks were informed on August 20 about SMS service through which they were notified of the announced changes in accounts.

In addition, the announcement dated August 15 appeared on the website of the terrorist organization “DPR” saying that the “Central Bank of the DPR” introduces a new software package from September 2019, which will include transition to a new chart of accounts and launch of new “Client-Bank” system. It was also noted that “the measures are taken to transfer the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Central Republican Bank, in particular, to new accounting standards, new chart of accounts synchronized with the laws of the Russian Federation, and new treasury system.”

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  1. This doesn’t look like any attempt by Muscovy to abide by any Minsk agreements. First it’s passports, now a banking system, and a Ukrainian President that says nothing.

    • So how did these “Separatists” go to Moskovia and change the software for the banking systems? It seems to me that would be done by Moskovia itself. So much for the “we are not a party to the conflict” narrative.

      • I think we all know that Muscovy will never remove themselves from Donbas, until Ukraine agrees to be run from Moscow. All the hot air in the world will change nothing.

  2. Provocation is the term I would borrow from the Golden Horde.
    More proof Pee Wee Pootie will not back up a mm. He wants Ukraine and other CIS states subjugated under Pootlerstan or NovoCCCP!

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