Servant of the People Party plans to adopt bill on denouncers soon

According to the draft law, people, who will denounce the corrupt officials will get 10% of the damage inflicted to the state

Servant of the People Party plans to adopt the draft law about denouncers. It means that people who denounced corrupt officials will get 10% of the damage inflicted to the state as 112 Ukraine reported citing Galyna Yanchenko, the MP from the Servant of the People.

According to her, the task group headed by deputy head of the President’s Office Ruslan Ryaboshapka works on the bill. Yanchenko states that the draft law is at the final stage of the preparation. It is planned to adopt is soon as the urgent bill.

“Personally I have great expectations that the draft law on the denouncers, particularly on the remuneration of the denouncers of the corruption up to 10% from the damage inflicted to the state will be adopted. Possibly, an event during the first weeks of the work of the Verkhovna Rada we will get the efficient voting on this bill,” Yanchenko said.

To protect people who denounced the corruption officials, the bill provides additional judicial and other protection of people.

Head of the political party Servant of the People and possible Spokesperson of the Verkhovna Rada Dmytro Razumkov stated that he was unsatisfied with the process of the health reform and did not support acting Minister of Health Ulana Suprun in many issues.

(c) 112


  1. This beautiful practice dates back to the Soviet Union and Stalin, surely you can come up with something better? What use is denouncing some corrupt official, who then btribes the judge and gets away with it? If this law is going to be passed, then people who denounce a so called corrupt official, and it proves to be a load of BS made up, then the denouncers have to go to prison instead. This just stinks of laziness by Zelensky, and the easy option.

    • We have “Whistleblower” laws but there is no incentive except to root out corruption.
      Also it seems like everything is urgent with this guy except getting the ruSSo-filth off Ukrainian lands.

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