Propresidential party head says MP’s salary not enough

The head of the propresidential Servant of the People party and potential parliament speaker, Dmytro Razumkov, has said that an MP’s salary of 50,000 hryvnyas, or about 2,000 dollars, is insufficient.

Propresidential party head says MP's salary not enough

“To be honest, no, it could be bigger,” he said in an interview with the NV magazine which asked him whether MPs are paid fairly.

“Although this is a good salary against the background of the minimum one, it is insufficient. We only approach the point where, for example, European deputies have a decent salary and a good social package, when a person holds on to this work and understands its prestige,” he added.

Razumkov avoided answering the question about an “adequate” salary the way he sees it.

He added that 50,000 hryvnyas would be enough for him personally. “I have formed a material cushion for myself at the expense of business,” he added.

The average salary in Ukraine is 10,780 hryvnyas, in Kyiv 15,650 hryvnyas.

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  1. If officials didn’t steal everything they can lay their hands on, their would be more money for salaries. Amazing how the hotel owner in Odessa is locked up two days after the fire in Odessa, yet corrupt officials are served notice of arrest, then given time to leave the country. I read at least 6 cases this week were that happened.

  2. Pro moskali rectums stealing the grandchildren’s piggy bank already. My how the fickle finger of fate works!

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