British researchers publish new proof of Russian military fighting in Ilovaisk battle

08:03, 19 August 2019

The fights that took place in August 2014 remain one of the bitterest pages in the history of Donbas conflict

A British investigation group has released new pieces of evidence of the Russian army fighting in the 2014 Battle of Ilovaisk.

The Guardian came up with a report about T-72B3 tanks, which at that specific time were used only by the Russian military. These were employed in the Battle of Ilovaisk; they were spotted near the town in Donetsk region in August and September 2014.

The British outlet referred to Forensic Architecture, the research group that collected and catalogued the said evidence. “Because Russia denies all involvement, establishing Moscow’s responsibility beyond doubt is key for court cases. For this reason, the European Human Rights Advocacy Centre (EHRAC), which is helping the claimants to bring the case, commissioned Forensic Architecture to put together hard evidence of Russian involvement at Ilovaysk. “Evidence of Russian military involvement needed to be as strong as possible … if you just look at online videos you don’t quite know if things have been manipulated, so in complex cases like this it’s incredibly useful,” said Jessica Gavron, EHRAC’s legal director”, reads the article.

The investigators checked the information about a destroyed Russian tank shown on many photos and videos in August 2014. All these materials will be handed over to the European Court for Human Rights. The court said it would first of all consider and make decisions in the cases where Ukraine sued Russia over the conflict in Donbas.

Ilovaisk battle, one of the most tragic pages in Ukraine’s military history took place in August 2014. Back then, Ukrainian forces approached the city and were about to storm it so as to get rid of the units of pro-Russian separatists there. The city was almost liberated when regular Russian army units encircled a large group of Ukrainian troops there. The encircled Ukrainian units were offered to withdraw across the green corridor, as Russian troops guaranteed their safety.

When the withdrawal process began, the enemy started shooting. Over 300 Ukrainian servicemen lost their lives in the obnoxious attacks; many more were wounded.

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