Warsaw: the US troops in Poland are an important deterrent for Russia

The U.S. troops in Poland are crucial to deterring Russia, Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz said.

“Russia will think twice whether to resort to military actions if it sees international troops in Poland, especially American ones,” he explained.

Polsat news agency reports that Czaputowicz believes that Warsaw should be ready to new “violations of international law” or “aggressive policy” on the part of Moscow.

Earlier, U.S. Ambassador to Berlin Richard Grenell said that he does not rule out that some of the U.S. military could move from Germany to Poland. For his part, President Donald Trump called Poland a “great friend” of the United States and recalled plans to build a U.S. military base there.

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  1. I cheer Poland for confiding in the United States. Germany has no interest in protecting Poland, they rather might want to have a piece of pie…

  2. Poland has shown to be one of the United States most reliable allies.
    also aligned itself with other key priorities laid out by the White House, including supporting U.S. sanctions against Iran; increasing purchases of U.S. natural gas; supporting U.S. efforts to thwart the Russian-German Nord Stream 2 pipeline; considering barring Chinese tech giant Huawei from developing Poland’s 5G infrastructure (per Washington’s demands); and increasing U.S. defense purchases, including plans to buy fighter jets. They are also one of only a handful of NATO member states to meet their 2 percent commitment

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