Russia sees no reason in holding Normandy format meeting without its thorough preparation

On August 19, negotiations with the French president are planned to discuss the Donbas issue

The Kremlin is not against holding a Normandy format meeting to resolve the situation in Donbas, but such a meeting requires careful preparation, which will guarantee a political result. This was announced by Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation Yuri Ushakov, reports TASS.

“We basically support this idea, but we believe that if a summit is held, then it should be carefully prepared so that it is clear – going to this summit, we will achieve politically important results. We would not want a meeting without its thorough preparation,” Ushakov said.

And he added that at negotiations with French President Emmanuel Macron on August 19, a discussion on the issue of resolving the Donbas situation is planned, including through the Normandy format.  

We recall that after August 6 it became known about the death of four military men in the East of Ukraine, and president Zelensky called on the leaders of the Normandy Four countries to meet as soon as possible.

Later, French President Emmanuel Macron announced his agreement to take part in the negotiations. After that, the German federal government discovered the readiness to meet. The United States also expressed commitment to the meeting.

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  • “The Kremlin is not against holding a Normandy format meeting to resolve the situation in Donbas, but such a meeting requires careful preparation, which will guarantee a political result. ”

    More BS by the wannabee Stalin. The only way to get a result is by Russia removing their trash from Donbas, and crawling back to the shithole called Russia.

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  • The Moskali do need a lot of time to prepare…and practice…their lies.

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    • And also to instruct the Franco-German quisling scum what to say. Never involve the frogs or krauts in anything involving Russia. Remember that other putler butt boy Sarkozy? He ‘negotiated’ putlerstan’s ‘withdrawal’ from Georgia, which turned out to be the start of 11 years of occupation and counting.

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  • англійський масон

    Hold on a minute there chaps, it does need careful planning and preparation. There is no point in both sides meeting if neither is prepared to move, there has to be some negotiation in this case.
    We want vatnikistan completely out and a total cessation of all hostile actions in the future. How about using this opportunity to help Georgia at the same time.

    So as in all situations something has to be given in order to achieve. Not my descision, but I wouldn’t give an inch of land.

    I think the only answer other than giving the stolen territories back and allowing the vatnikis to stay in Georgia is to increase and widen the sanctions, including a total ban on any flights in or out of vanikistan that fly over anywhere but vatniki friendly shitholes.

    As I have said elsewhere, if the UN get involved there will be a dispute over where the DMZ is located, and paid for. The UN troops would be sniped at constantly with shorty blaming uncontrollable rebels or Ukrainians trying to cause trouble.

    Or we could just wait for shorty’s toymakers to turn the shithole into one big irradiated parking lot.

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