8 dead, 10 hospitalized in Ukrainian hotel fire

A fire in a hotel in the Ukrainian port city of Odessa has killed eight people and left a further 10 hospitalized.

A city police statement said a criminal investigation has been opened into the fire that spread to about 1,000 square meters (10,000 square feet) of the Tokyo Star hotel before dawn on Saturday.

The police statement did not state the conditions of the 10 people who had been hospitalized.

The Tokyo Star is a budget hotel near Odessa’s main railway station. Photographs from travel review websites show narrow rooms, some little wider than a single bed.

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  1. Scandalous hotel

    Tokyo Star is one of the cheapest hotels in Odesa, the southern Black Sea port city of 1 million people located 475 kilometers south of Kyiv. Prices start from Hr 390, or $14, per night for a room without a window. It is located near the train station and famous Odesa Privoz market.

    The owner of Tokyo Star hotel is local businessman Vadym Cherny, who also owns another scandalous hotel in Odesa called Zirka, repeatedly reported by local media as a place where prostitution flourishes.

    Cherny denied any accusations. “There was a disaster. If there is any fault from our side, we will take full responsibility (for the fire), and I will be the first,” Cherny told Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

  2. The management of the Odesa Tokyo Star Hotel, in which 8 people were killed in a fire on the night of August 17, did not allow a routine check of the State Emergency Service in July 2019. This was announced at a briefing by the Deputy Director of the Department of Emergency Prevention, Pavlo Afanasyev.

    “The State Emergency Service in July planned to conduct an audit of the specified hotel. But along with the fact that the owner (of the hotel) changed the form of ownership, the representative of the State Emergencies Ministry was not allowed to check,” said Afanasyev.

    He added that it’s hard to say now what caused the fire.

  3. Law enforcers in the southern Black Sea resort city of Odesa have detained a famous local businessman Vadym Chorny who owns the Tokyo Star Hotel, where nine guests died in a massive fire that broke out overnight Saturday, the prosecutor’s office told UNIAN. The prosecutors are preparing to press charges of non-compliance with safety regulations which led to people’s deaths.

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