The contribution of Ukraine to America’s success

Another reason why America should offer more help to Ukraine during its hour of need. The list of famous Americans with Ukrainian roots is huge. Here are just a few : George Gershwin, Leonard Nimoy, Walter Matthau, Natalie Wood, Vera Farmiga, Jack Palance, Jan Kaum, Max Levchin, Michael Strank, Vladimir Horowitz, Steven Tyler, Milton Friedman, Steven Spielberg.

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan’s given name is Robert Allen Zimmerman. His grandparents arrived in America from Odessa in 1905. Today, the legendary musician’s photograph hangs in the American embassy in Ukraine next to the portraits of Igor Sikorsky, Milla Jovovich, Dustin Hoffman, David Duchovny and other famous Americans with Ukrainian roots.

Most of these ended up in the US because of the endless Russian pogroms. It was a fascist country then and it’s fascist now.

Bob Dylan came up with a wonderfully surrealistic blend of biblical imagery and the absurd with his great number Highway 61 Revisited. Here he is performing it with the awesome Texan slide guitarist; Johnny Winter. :-


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  1. DiCaprio, Stallone and Steve Tyler all have Ukrainian roots. Charles Bronson was a Lithuanian who escapead to the US with his parents.

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