Moscow Trash Incinerator Spews Bright-Purple Smoke

18 hours ago   

Screenshot Twitter / GolyDovolen

A garbage incineration plant reportedly owned by the son of Russia’s attorney general has been filmed spewing purple smoke on the eastern outskirts of Moscow for at least the third time in as many years. 

Activists seeking to shut down the MSZ-4 plant have long complained about its bad odor and adverse environmental impact. The plant, said to be majority-owned by the Russian prosecutor general’s youngest son, Igor Chaika, burns over a quarter million tons of solid waste per year.

Голый Патриот@GolyDovolen

МСЗ-4 третий день раскрашивает жизнь москвичей яркими красками. МСЗ принадлежит через аффилированные структуры сыну генпрокурора Чайке.

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“MSZ-4 is painting Muscovites’ lives with bright colors for the third day [straight],” quipped the author of a widely shared tweet showing plumes of purple smoke rising from the plant on Thursday. 

Other users seized on the smoke’s religious symbolism, joking that “a new pope has been chosen.”

Prosecutor General Yury Chaika’s son was reported to have won Moscow’s lucrative $500-million waste collection contract in spring 2018.



  1. Suzanna’s favorite color. 😁

    Anyway, i think Putin’s gang are doing a great job turning Russia into a wasteland. 👍👍👍

    • Enviornmental disaster that Greenpeace and other enviornmental organizations will puke on their own shoes, once full access to the Russia is restored, and the extent and magnitude is revealed.
      Canada’s Oil Sands and carbon emissions are but one fart in the wind.

    • Most likely this is a result of burning iodine which is used to clean various radioactive byproducts. Gosh, what would the Moskali be doing with radioactive stuff?! From the looks of this picture, the stuff is not blowing away either, it is falling which could end up giving big problems to those exposed.

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