Moscow City Courts upholds extended arrest of 24 Ukrainian sailors as lawful

The Moscow City Court has declined to release six out of 24 Ukrainian sailors arrested as a result of the Kerch incident in fall 2018, including their commander Denys Hrytsenko, from custody.

“The Moscow Lefortovsky District Court’s ruling, which extends the detention of defendants Denys Hrytsenko, Andriy Drach, Vyacheslav Zinchenko, Mykhailo Vlasyuk, Bohdan Golovash, and Serhiy Popov until October 24, is upheld, and the appeal of the defense is dismissed,” the judge said on Friday.

The court met in camera “to honor the investigatory privilege.”

(C) Interfax Ukraine


    • The Ukrainians should just say they don’t recognize this court and they have no jurisdiction in Ukrainian Crimea. Then file a complaint with PACE. Use the Moskali arguments against them.

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