Medvedchuk: If Russia stops gas transit through Ukraine, our country will lose about $3 billion per year

Ukraine has to agree on gas transit with Russia to provide Ukrainians with gas

If Russia stops gas transit through Ukraine’s gas transporting system, Ukraine will lose about $3 billion per year as 112 Ukraine reported citing Viktor Medvedchuk, the Chairman of the Political Council of Opposition Platform – For Life.

“If there is no gas transit through the Ukrainian gas transporting system, then it is, first of all, the loss of the income to the budget and it is about $3 billion per year; it is the impossibility of getting gas for domestic needs because we always took it from the transit. What does it mean from the transit? It means that not Dusseldorf+ formula, which is corrupted and which is not abolished it still acts, lies in the basis of the gas consumption on import. The commercial structures, which worked with the previous authority, in connection with the previous authority; they continue to work today and earn on our citizens,” he said.

“The issue will be tied with the fact that on the transit we got this gas on import in such a way that we did not extract it at the territory of Ukraine  but purchased from the European operators but technically this gas did not leave the territory of Ukraine, when it came from the Russian Federation to our country. If there is no transit, there will be no possibility to provide our population with gas as its volume made 10.5 billion cubic meters of gas last year. Where should we take them today? At the market of Europe? It is a question. How to supply it to Ukraine? We can receive gas from the pipeline, from Russia or from Europe. To find such gas in Europe today, according to the experts and statistics of the consumption of the selling and transporting of the gas, there is no possibility so we need to solve the issue of the direct supplies of gas from Russia and gas transit not only because provides incomes to the budget revenues but also because it provides Ukraine with the gas,” he added.

“If the pipe will finally start to work on the reverse because it has never worked on the reverse; it is a reverse invented by the team of Poroshenko, supposedly reverse from Europe, Slovakia; the reverse never existed but Ukraine may be put in the situation when this reverse has to be implemented. But the free volume of gas should be found at the European market for it and they should be supplied to Ukraine. And it is very difficult and impossible in fact, despite the statements that it is the same as goods and it is possible to be bought for money. Therefore, it is the crisis situation for Ukraine and the negotiations appointed for the middle of September for Ukraine, Russia and the EU, the representatives should begin to discuss the issue of the transit because the transit ends on January 1, 2020. If it is not extended, the supply of the gas will stop and we will face the double problem: from the one side, we will not get the funds to the budget, from the other side, it will complicate the receiving of the gas on import, which volumes remain to be huge for our country,” Medvedchuk noted.

“These are the problems, which should be solved by the previous authority, the present authority, because even September it is time, when it will be very difficult to change something in this issue, little time is left for the achieving of the agreements and issuance of these agreements if they will be reached,” he concluded.

On March 22, the delegation of Opposition Platform – For Life party headed by Viktor Medvechuk and Yury Boiko held the negotiations on a number of the economic issue with Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and Gazprom’s Head Aleksey Miller.

(c) 112


  1. Sounds like the Kremlin are panicking now, with Denmark blocking Nord stream, and Muscovy only wanting to give Ukraine a 12 month contract, Ukraine can just sit and do nothing, no doubt the jellyfish will soon be panicking too if Ukraine sit tight. What Putin’s errand boy fails to mention, is when and not if Russia stop gas transit, Ukraine will still lose the $3 billion anyway.

        • I am no different than ukrainians. Trump wants to steal Greenland. The territory and its natural resources will keep us independent from russian blackmail in the energy sector. I’m through with that orange fuck! I know support Biden. 😎

    • I’m getting sick of 112. We have known about this $3 billion for years and 112 presents it as a revelation by Putin’s errand boy. I hope 112’s license application is denied because it should be.

  2. Gas is going soon anyway, get with the times Ukraine, invest in Solar farms. Each town or village could have their own energy supplies then, not so vulnerable to outside interferance.
    It might work.

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