Donbass and Crimea. What price will Ukraine pay

For some reason, there is a feeling that events will unfold very quickly

Irina Gerashchenko

The other day, French President Emmanuel Macron will meet with Putin. Ukraine also awaits distinguished guests from Israel. The next meeting of political advisers of the Norman format is coming, then important foreign visits of the president. I am analyzing between the lines certain recent events and all the interviews of our Western partners, they are encouraging the new Ukrainian president, and I have a feeling that our partners are looking for the opportunity to save Putin’s face. In the question of Donbass, and Crimea, it cannot be read even between the lines, except for “ deep concern”.

Certain steps may be taken in the humanitarian sphere, such as the release of hostages and the construction of, finally, a bridge in Stanitsa to demonstrate some progress in the implementation of the Minsk agreements and further at an accelerated pace to demand a political bloc from Ukraine, and then with a calm heart lift the sanctions. Violation of the regime of silence in Donbass, injuring and killing our soldiers is bashfully called an “incident”, and this word hurts the ear not only to the families of the victims. The issue of security is under pressure, the official version reigns in the media that a truce is respected. Although in fact, no, but the truth is that the intensity of the shelling has decreased – and this is also positive, but we need to precisely state what is happening at the front. 

I want the hostages released. And from the Donbass, and from the Russian Federation. For too long ours are there, and especially in inhuman conditions, for too long their release by Russia has been blocked. At the same time, I see great risks in any scenarios of preserving Putin’s face at the expense of Ukraine, replacing the solution of a key security issue with certain important, but not final steps and movements in the humanitarian sphere. It is also worrying that in the public space and in negotiations with partners, in statements, the theme of UN peacekeepers and control over our border has completely disappeared. Without a border, peace is impossible, since the Russian ” losses” and their weapons will then roam the Donbass with impunity.

For some reason, there is a feeling that events will unfold very quickly. And the key question for me is what price to demand from Ukraine to save Putin’s face.

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  1. This not about Ukraine. This is about a terrorist dictator crawling out of Donbas like a thief in the night after raping, murdering and stealing everything in site. The jellyfish will then dump Ukraine like a hot piece of coal, and continue selling their souls to the devil for a few rubles.

    • To analyze Putler it is necessary to remember how things started. There was Maidan but the Sochi Olympics were on so he couldn’t react until the Olympics were finished. He immediately sent terrorists into the Crimea to ensure the Black Sea Fleet would be protected. This action broke the lease (and nobody talks about it) so he needed to annex the territory. Then the invasion of the Donbas was to distract and ensure the illegal actions in the Crimea.
      We cannot fall for these distractions, everything rides on Putler’s crimes in Crimea. He should lose Sevastopol or be kicked off the UNSC. IMO that’s the only thing that would change his calculus.

        • Booting out is a nogo. But he can be hobbled by enacting again UN GA Resolution 377A dated 03 November 1950. This would take the UN SC and the veto out of the picture. Unfortunately there are too many bannana republics that can be bullied by Pootlerstan in the GA to get it enacted.

        • They missed their chance when the vote of recognition of the annexation only yielded 10 votes in support of Putler’s fascism. Now everyone is used to it. They better do it or others will want to change borders.

      • Or the Crimea was to distract from Donbas. Donbas was an economic center in Ukraine, and home to Ukraine’s coal industry…

            • Great idea boss! Also the US could buy the S-400s and deliver the Patriot system to Turkey as long as they back US plans to take Sevastopol. I think the Turks would rather see NATO there than the ruSSo-slime. Then the US could reverse-engineer the S-400s and find out how to disarm them.

              • Does anyone know if these systems work? They haven’t had much success in Syria with Russian junk.

                • Although it has not really been tested in battlefield conditions, everything that I have heard is that it is a very capable system which, like most Russian weapons cost a fraction of their western counterparts.
                  The S-400 does not, by itself, form an impenetrable dome.

                  The S-400 can be used against cruise missiles and short-range ballistic missiles.

                  The 40N6 can hit targets at a range of 400km. Meanwhile, NATO counterparts, such as the Patriot PAC-3 MS, can engage targets at around 100km.

                  The S-400 is comprised of the missiles themselves, an advanced radar system and a command centre.

                  The S-400 can track aircraft 600 km away, providing to be a huge asset for air dominance denial. Particularly with regards to eliminating reconnaissance (ISTAR) platforms and electronic warfare aircraft.

                  It is not known if Russia is selling export variants of the S-400 with diminished capabilities.

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