Thank you!

I just want to thank you all for continuing Ukraine Today.

Thanks to RedSquareMaidan for spending the pocket money his wife gave him on this new site.

Thanks to Focusser for finding the time to post great articles between his coffee, porn and pizzas.

Thanks to Veth for having upgraded his Commodore 64 so it will work with WordPress to post good articles.

Thanks to Scradje for fighting himself through the digital jungle on his Apple crap to show us interesting reads.

Thanks to Paul for skipping whiskey and hookers from time to time to post some crap.

And thanks to Suzanna for sparing me the whip and cuffs when posting articles.

We have a great team here, and i’m convinced that in a year or so we will have a full house here, maybe already this winter.

Keep up the good work! Slava Ukraini! 😂


  1. Gin. I can’t stand Whisky or Whiskey.
    Not in one of those stupid frigging new glasses the wanker hipsters have decided are Gin glasses either.

    Seriously though, thanks to all you guys for keeping us informed as to what is happening in Ukraine.

  2. Woman’s drink, or so my grandfather called it. He made his own wine from Saskatoons, Dandylions and what ever. Known to drink a beer or so also.
    Thank you Red for paying for the site and the rest for moderating.
    Had to show a few people the photos of the boom they had heard nothing about.

  3. Thoughtful post Mike, thanks. I am very proud of all of you guys too. Over the last 6 years we must have put a million hours into supporting Ukraine IN ENGLISH to get the word out when it seemed like nobody was talking about Ukraine! Very proud.
    I hope we can make this our home and I hope you all feel you own this site too. You too Suzanna, with boots or without boots!
    Boooodmoh Druhzi~~!!

  4. Thank you too Mike. You are right; Apple is a very controlling and invasive company with very sanctimonious politics. As are FB and Google.

  5. Thanks Mike, reading the headline, I thought it will be another “GOODBYE’ from Mike………………….hahaha

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