Freedom of speech to disappear in Ukraine as soon as authority starts to close independent mass media, – MEP Gill

Nathan Gill underlined that disappearance of freedom of speech will mark a huge step backward for Ukraine

Freedom of speech will disappear in Ukraine as soon as the authority starts to close independent mass media. British MEP, member of the inter-parliamentary committee of Ukraine-EU association, member of the subcommittee on human rights of the EP Nathan Gill said it in an exclusive commentary for 112 Ukraine.  

“About what freedom of speech can we talk if the government with the help of the so-called independent judicial system may close the TV channels? It is not freedom of speech anymore. Its disappearance will mark a huge step backward for Ukraine. But, I hope, it will not take place,” the MEP noted.

Earlier Nathan Gill has stated that if the judges on the case of deprivation 112 Ukraine TV channel of a license are summoned to President’s Office, the community has a right to know what was discussed there.Related: Zelensky’s office summons two of three judges who consider case of 112 Ukraine’s licenses

As it was reported, the Court of Appeal postponed the case on deprivation 112 Ukraine TV channel of a right to broadcast to September 2019. 

Later the Court of Appeal postponed the case on deprivation 112 Ukraine TV channel of a right to broadcast to September 2019.

The international editorial Council of 112 Ukraine TV channel is extremely indignant at the current situation in Ukraine, when 112 Ukraine TV channel, country’s leader in information broadcasting, might be deprived of broadcast license due to an upcoming illegal court decision.

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  1. Well Mr Putin lover, as usual you provide no evidence of which independent mass media will be closed. Obviously you can’t be reffering to the Russian propaganda outlet called 112, so which is it?

    • Yep, he is confusing himself. He thinks he’s protecting his Moskali buddies at 112 but the owner of 112 told the president of Ukraine to get 2 judges in line. Does he think Zelensky is an enemy?

      • He can get a job at 112 in a few months. He won’t have a job once the UK leaves the EU, or he can apply for the job of Putin’s ass wiper.

  2. Not many slime get Focusser and Scradge fired up like this guy. I really cringe when I hear this zit try to speak for the Ukrainian people. He’s spent way too much time on RT. Maybe he should try to represent his district instead of trying to earn rubles.

    • Maybe he should be directing his rant at the toad he worships, and the freedom of democracy in Muscovy.

  3. Gill is a vile piece of shit. Ex kremkip, now Brexit Party. Although I support Brexit, I spit on both of these parties as they are owned, bought and paid for by the kremlin in the same way that other fascist scum like Le Pen and the new Mussolini; Salvini are. Putler has got more jackboot lickers in western countries than you can shake a stick at.

  4. I got the idea real quick that Gill is a butt licker SOB crying about the government restricting or shutting down 112. Since Medvedchuky and associate pond scum own a vast majority of media sources now, where is the freedom of the media ? Next question is very important; how did they suddenly become the owners overnight? Reports are out there that Kolmoisky sent the boys with bats, chain saw and guns to persuade a couple of sales years ago of other companies. Could Medvedchuky done similar today? Bit of strong skunk odour in the air.

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