E-petition for restoring air traffic with Russia available at President”s Office website

Another petition calls for restoration of railway traffic with the annexed Crimea

The website of President’s Office published two digital petitions, which urge to restore air traffic with Russia and the railway traffic with Crimea. 

As of Thursday evening, Petition No.22/066922-ep about the railway traffic with Crimea has gained 2,490 votes. For the petition to be considered, the document should collect at least 25,000 votes. There’s still 71 days to come before the voting is over.

As of 8 p.m. August 15, the petition about the restoration of air traffic with Russia has collected some 2,200 signatures.

Recently, Ukraine allowed the plane of the Russian air company to temporarily use the air space in Lviv region, as Ukraerorukh reported. The pilots of the Russian Globus Air Company’s Boeing-738 REG–VQBMG appealed to Ukraine for permission to enter the air space. They were on their way from Bari to Moscow. They could suffer a big storm and tried to avoid it. Ukraine allowed the plane to enter air space for the provision of the security. It flew over Lviv region. It is noted that the plane entered the Ukrainian air space at 3:07 p.m. and left it at 3:33 p.m.

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  • In 3 weeks since the Russian lovers put this petition online, they have a grand total of 4700 out of the 50,000 needed. It looks like Ukrainians are in no rush to return to the now destroyed peninsula. Also, publishing articles showing an image of a plane from a Russian airline, will not help your cause one bit.

    Here is what the author of this petition put on the Presidents website. He is still blaming Poroshenko, even though Zelensky has been in charge for months before this petition was submitted.

    “What are the culprits of the government’s miscalculations on the Ukrainian side and on the Russian side’s actions? Why should people suffer for the pride of former President Poroshenko, who has always advocated a lack of dialogue with Russia? The approach to this problem must be radically changed.”

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  • Are they out of their facking minds allowing that petition on the President’s Office website? That almost stinks of treason!

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