Aksyonov accuses the US of organizing water blockade of Crimea

Sergey Aksyonov, head of the annexed Crimea, wrote on Facebook that the water blockade of the Crimean peninsula is part of the West’s anti-Russia strategy.

“Ukraine’s policy is not determined in Kyiv, but in Washington and other western capitals. The water blockade of Crimea is part of the West’s anti-Russia strategy. That’s why, regardless of the reasons given by Ukrainian officials, the decision to end or to continue the blockade will be made far from the banks of the Dnieper,” he wrote.

According to Aksyonov, “attempting to deprive more than 2 million people of fresh water is essentially a form of state terrorism”. However, the water blockade has not caused the expected damage, he added: there is no water shortage, an increase in tourism is expected, and local agriculture has adapted to the new conditions.

Aksyonov remarked that the turnover of the government in Ukraine does not guarantee an improvement in quality. “The presidents, politicians and party signboards may change, but the approaches do not,” he wrote.

Previously Aksyonov announced that the Crimean government would soon publish an assessment of the extent to which being part of Ukraine damaged Crimea. He claimed that most of the funds in the federal and regional programs are being used to “overcome the devastation inherited from Ukraine”.

In March, Vyacheslav Volodin, Chairperson of Russia’s State Duma, proposed to collect from Kyiv the damage suffered by Crimea as a result of being part of Ukraine. The Crimean government later released its preliminary results, estimating a total loss of profit of 2.5 trillion rubles (around $38 billion). The work group also estimated that the 2015 energy blockade of Crimea caused 1 billion rubles ($15 million) in damage and a further 1.5 billion rubles ($22.7 million) in lost profit.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin responded that if Moscow demands compensation for the damage, then Kyiv will ask to be compensated for “centuries of occupation”.

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  1. “However, the water blockade has not caused the expected damage, he added: there is no water shortage, an increase in tourism is expected, and local agriculture has adapted to the new conditions.”

    If that is the case Mr 4%, why are you whining about it? Your trash invaded Crimea, your trash are responsible for water, not Ukraine.

    • What he forgot to say is, there’s water but it’s too salty to drink, tourism is up from 26 people to 34, and agriculture has adapted from the best grapes in the world to cactus farming….

        • Reading about what has happened to the Crimea since the “Polite People” invaded is like reading something from the Book of Revelations….it’s an outright plague.

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            • I think we get paid per click but I don’t think we’re getting Google ads, do you? On WP we should be getting at least 20 cents per click. I also signed us up for referral in case someone uses our site as a format to start their own WP site. I think we get like $40 each. We can click our own ads too. It would be wonderful to send PayPal money to the Vets Hospital in L’viv, or another charity.

                    • Same here. But nobody ask me about anything, i have no clue how things work here. Still, advertising WordPress at wordpress is like advertising Burger King in a Burger King joint…

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                    • Let’s hope it’s not a rip off! No ads, no plug ins… except for the .org – which is a hammer he got that, no doubt – there’s not too much offered concerning the price… Anyway, i know the trick how to post pics in the comment section, and i don’t come here to read ads anyway, it’s about Ukraine and our gang. Still i hope Red can fix this, since he paid for it.

                    • I don’t mind. I like this site. Larisa’s site was great, but since a year ago Disqus systematically destroyed free users. I will miss Knut’s photos and memes… but i won’t miss Disqus. With their shitty software it took me almost ten minutes to post an article, now with the WP app it takes two minutes! For someone with little free time this is a huge improvement.

  2. Why isn’t Ukraine pursuing multiple claims for war crimes, terror, mass murder, torture, rape, theft and environmental terrorism?

    • Who would support these claims if Ukraine made them? All the evidence in the world is out there. Yet all we hear is, both sides have to show restraint.

      • They still don’t understand that Moscow’s age is over. Time for Moscow to pass all nukes and their permant seat in the UN + veto to Kyiv. It’s Ukraine time now! 😊

  3. Ukrainian water is for Ukraine, controlled by Kyiv, not for gangsters who invaded and looted ukrainian land! Drink your own piss when you’re thirsty! Slava Ukraini!

    • I guess they must be really desperate for water. The other day the Kremlin claimed the water in Dnipro is Russian, because the Dnipro source is in Russia. Now this terrorist is whining about Ukraine depriving pond life of water.

  4. So is there water or not? sir gay ask your knob doesn’t seem to be sure, syas there is no water but then says there has been no detriment.
    If it wasn’t a Kyiv descision to cut the water supply its not unreasonable to assume that the rest of the crap the moscow cock sucker claims was wrong also isn’t the fault of Kyiv.
    He needs to be suing ‘Murica.

    Either way he’ll not even get the steam off Ze’s piss.

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