Zelensky’s office summons two of three judges who consider case of 112 Ukraine’s licenses

08:47, 14 August 2019

Lyubov Kostyuk and Olena Pylypenko are in the panel of judges that looks into it, as the TV channel requests to prolong the broadcasting license; the medium is to sue the National Council for TV and Radio Broadcasting for being idle in terms of extending the license

At least two of three judges of the Sixth Administrative Appeal Court were summoned to the Presidential Office of Ukraine. These judges belong to the panel of judges who consider the case of 112 Ukraine TV channel’s broadcasting license. Sources in the Office reported that as quoted by Strana.ua news agency.

“It’s about judges Lyubov Kostyuk and Olena Pylypenko”, the sources said. On August 14, the court session is expected to take place, as the medium sues the National Council for TV and Radio Broadcasting for being idle in terms of extending its broadcasting license.

The panel of judges is to open the session at noon. Earlier, 112 Ukraine blamed the recent statement by Serhiy Vysotsky, the Ukrainian MP; in it, he urged to shell the buildings of 112 Ukraine and NewsOne TV channels.

“These media should be treated as tanks, which has to be shot from an anti-tank missile launcher, that is, closed”, Vysotsky said. The building of the channel was previously attacked with the use of a grenade launcher; a criminal case was opened, as the attack was qualified as a terrorist act. None of the workers of the channel were hurt in the attack.

Anti-tank missile launchers are much more powerful kind of weapon, which is used to defeat hostile armored targets and can lead to multiple human casualties. 112 Ukraine considers this statement unacceptable; besides, it ignites the enmity, the medium claims. The channel also stated that any threats against reporters are unacceptable, demanding to bring Vysotsky to criminal responsibility.

(C) 112 International


  1. Looks like Putler’s puppet Medvedchuk is angry one of his propaganda branches is having problems getting their license renewed so he tells Zelensky to influence the judges. This is exactly the corruption and intimidation that corrodes society. If the judiciary can’t be independent then laws are worthless.

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