Russian intel operatives posing as females in social networks trying to recruit Ukrainian military

In one of the cases exposed, after establishing psychological contact, the “female friend” tried to convince the serviceman into gathering intelligence, promising to take him out to Russia where he would allegedly be provided with housing.

The SBU Security Service of Ukraine says it has been monitoring numerous attempts by Russian intelligence agencies and Russia-controlled militants in the occupied Donbas, posing as females on social networks to establish contact with Ukrainian military in order to eventually recruit them into spying for Russia.

In one of the latest cases, Ukrainian security operatives say Russia’s FSB attempted to convince a commander of one of the Ukrainian Army units operating in the Joint Forces Operation zone in Donbas to gather intelligence. According to the scheme, an FSB-controlled person on one of social networks established and maintained contact with the Ukrainian officer.

Read also Russians posed as ISIS Hackers, threatened U.S. military wives During the development of supposedly “personal” relations, the “female friend” invited the Ukrainian military to collect information in the interests of the FSB for a monetary reward, especially emphasizing the “material advantages of cooperation with the Russian special services.”

The “woman” noted that if important information is provided, the officer will be taken out to Russia where he will be provided housing. Upon receiving such an offer, the military immediately turned to the SBU.

The Security Service of Ukraine in this regard has appealed to Ukrainian users of social networks to remain vigilant. Security operatives urged citizens to report any signs of a recruitment approach.

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