Pro-Moscow deputy refuses to speak Ukrainian at official Conciliation meeting of MPs

Ukraine’s leading party chief and possible future Speaker of Ukraine’s Parliament Dmytro Razumkov reminded the representative of the “Opposition Platform – For Life” Party of the provisions of language legislation and Verkhovna Rada regulations. Za Zhittia press service

Za Zhittia press service

During the Concilation Group’s meeting of newly-elected Ukrainian MPs held on Wednesday, Aug 14, Vadym Rabinovych, a newly elected Ukrainian MP of the openly pro-Russian Opposition Platform – For Life party he co-chairs with Vladimir Putin’s political ally in Ukraine Viktor Medvedchuk, refused to deliver his comments and statements in Ukrainian, which the country’s legislation says is the only state language.

As Rabinovych took the floor, he started his speech in Russian, an UNIAN correspondent reports. Iryna Gerashchenko, a newly elected MP from the European Solidarity Party, in response to a defiant move, said: “I’d like to remind my distinguished colleague Mr. Rabinovych that our law on language has come into force, so we ask you to speak Ukrainian during the work of our Conciliation Group.”

In turn, Rabinovych claimed that this obligation was not spelled out in the legislation: “Laws don’t say that!” In turn, chairman of the Servant of the People Party, Dmytro Razumkov, who chaired the Group’s meeting, noted that Gerashchenko was right as the law on the regulations of the Verkhovna Rada stipulates that all deputies deliver their addresses in Ukrainian.

Further, despite being told by Razumkov the exact provision of Parliament regulations Rabinovych was breaching, the latter continued his address in Russian.  

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    • That is a lingering Moskali influence that MP’s think they are above the law. Official business in Ukraine should be carried out in the Ukrainian language instead of the language of the fascist invaders.

      • I remember in the 90s when in Luxembourg luxembourgish replaced french as official language, everybody wanted to learn it, even portuguese immigrants. It was cool to speak it. Seems in some parts of Ukraine it’s cooler to creep into Putler’s ass and sabotage anything new and any changes at all. Bah!

  1. If he won’t speak Ukrainian, just ignore him like he does not exist. Let the other MPs clean their nails or whisper among themselves. When he shuts up the next person gets the floor. If he is “shunned” he will eventually get the message or go visit the murderous midget. At that, revoke citizenship.

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