Moscow Court Allows Opposition Candidate to Run After Protest

The Moscow city court cancelled a decision by the election commission to bar a Russian opposition candidate, Sergei Mitrokhin, from running in a municipal election in September, TASS news agency reported.

The court ruled in favour of Mitrokhin three days after tens of thousands of protesters turned out at a rally in Moscow, in which Mitrokhin also took part.

A month of demonstrations over elections for the Moscow city legislature have turned into the biggest sustained protest movement in Russia since 2011-2013, when protesters took to the streets against perceived electoral fraud.

(c) The Moscow Times


  1. Let me guess, they suddenly found out that he did have enough signatures to take part in the elections. The Kremlin are running scared, and by allowing one of the opposition to take part, will be thinking the protestors have nothing to protest about.

  2. Moskali math. Let one run and the protesters don’t have a leg to stand on. Little do they know………..

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