Opposition Platform-For Life wants deputy speaker’s position in Rada, control over freedom of speech committee, rules committee

The Opposition Platform-For Life Party will insist on a Verkhovna Rada deputy speaker’s position and supervising the Freedom of Speech Committee and the Rules Committee.

‘The opposition must get supervisory committees, first of all, the Freedom of Speech Committee and the Rules Committee,” Oleksandr Puzanov elected MP from the Opposition Platform-For Life Party told reporters on Wednesday before the meeting of the parliamentary group for preparing the first plenary meeting of the 9th Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada.

He said that in some democratic countries the opposition receives the budget committee.

“Of course, the opposition always gets the position of a parliament deputy speaker,” Puzanov said.

“These are the positions we will be insisting on. I think we will have 22 or 23 committees. The Servant of the People has made a decision regarding 22 committees,” Puzanov said.

Besides, the opposition will insist on establishing a committee to promote “comprehensive resolution of problems in Donetsk and Luhansk regions,” he said.

(C) Interfax Ukraine


  1. To repeat the obvious: you can’t have the representatives of a fascist power in your parliament. Especially when that fascist power is waging war against you and has already murdered thousands of innocents. Oh and of course occupying sovereign territory that is the size of Switzerland.

  2. Don’t need a commitee to “promote comprehensiveresolution of problems in Donetsk and Luhansk”. Toss these bag lickers across the demarcation line in a known mine area like the Russian forces did to a senior a couple of weeks ago. Let them know in terms they understand, they are not welcome to return. The western movie scenario of “dance” comes to mind!

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