Crimea occupation authorities seek talks with Ukraine on resuming water supplies

Overnight August 12, part of the city of Kerch in the occupied Crimea left without water.

Authorities in the Russian-annexed Crimea are set to ask Moscow to initiate a negotiation process with the Ukrainian government on the resumption of water supplies from the Dnipro River to the occupied peninsula.

The initiative was announced by the so-called “deputy prime minister” of Crimea Georgy Muradov at a meeting of the council on improving the investment climate on August 12, Russian news agency TASS wrote.

In particular, he said that the Crimean authorities want the Ukrainian side allow water of the Dnipro River to get to the annexed peninsula. It is noted that the Dnipro River originates from Russia and flows through Ukraine.

According to Muradov, the move is required to solve the environmental issues of the peninsula’s northern part.

Earlier this month, Team Zelensky voiced their “unequivocal” position on water supplies to the occupied Crimea. The position on ceased water supplies via the North-Crimean Canal to the occupied Crimea is right and correct, said the Ukrainian president’s permanent envoy to the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Anton Korinevych.

“It seems to me that this would be inappropriate,” the official told the Segodnya newspaper after being asked whether the resumption of water supplies to Russia-occupied Crimea was on the table.

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  1. According to Muradov, the move is required to solve the environmental issues of the peninsula’s northern part.

    Well asshole. If Muscovy had not invaded Crimea, turning it into a shithole, there would be no environmental issues.

    • Seems they are trying to claim the Dnipro as a Russian river, because it originates there. Lmao

      • That is my observation as well. Fits other statements the Kriminalin gang make.
        They could put a pipe over the Kerch Bridge to supply water from Rostov and the Don River. Better to bitch, whine, complain to try to shame Ukraine into paying for and supplying the water.
        They will turn this to make it look justifiable to further invade Ukraine and open the canal up.

  2. This is a statement from this retard on 112,.

    “We would like to ask for help to begin the assessment, possibly, the negotiation process with the Ukrainian side that they should admit our water to Crimea. It is not the water of Dnipro River owned by Ukraine; it is our water that comes from the territory of Russia,” Muradov.

      • No but putler, like many feeble little scrotes, is filled with toxic spite and might do it just to hurt Ukraine.

        • There are too many tributaries into the Dnieper outside of Russia for it to have much effect. Plus, knowing how Russia work, if they did divert it, probably flood half of Russia in the process.

  3. Tell them to get the water from Russia as they are so keen on being part of Russia. If Russia did dam the Dnipro it would very soon flood a hell of a lot of Russia, water levels would drop, but then so would pollution, and with careful management the levels would soon normalise.
    Ukraine could always build a dam right on the Border, flooding a large part of Russia, not allowing the Russian water to pass until Russia pays a disposal fee.

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