Turkey mulling purchases of Russian Su-35 fighter jets – media

Ankara has not yet provided official comments on the possible deal. militaryarms.ru / militaryarms.ru Turkish authorities are considering purchases Russian Su-35 fighter jets after the United States expelled the country from the F-35 fighter jet program.

militaryarms.ru / militaryarms.ru

The Turkish authorities responsible for arms procurement asked the secretariat of the defense industry, the command of the Turkish air force and other interested departments to evaluate the Russian proposal. If it receives positive feedback, the authorities will start negotiations with Russia on the issue, RIA Novosti reported with reference to Yeni Safak.

Ankara has not yet provided official comments on the possible purchase of Su-35s. As UNIAN reported earlier, Moscow said it was ready to sell its latest fighter jets to Turkey after the United States had announced it was going to remove Turkey from its F-35 fighter jet program.

(c) UNIAN 2019


  • Erdoganistan shows solidarity with the plight of the Tatars by purchasing putlerstani jets and joining the putlerstan sphere of influence whilst remaining in Nato? What a nightmare; Nato is now infested with putinoid scum: Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary, Spain and now Turkey. Kick them all out except Turkey: we need to hang on to them until their current tyrant is replaced with someone less vile.

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  • Erdogoon is another dikktator. Eject from NATO with the US removing all missiles supplied. If the Turkeys bought them, refund the money!
    I would expect Ukraine would be ecstatic if a request was made to expand their base by Odesa that Odesa civic assholes are trying to make a move on. Similar to relocating from Germany to Poland, relocating from Turkey to Ukraine would provide a major economic boost to Ukraine. Might need to step on a few Pootlerstan shill cockroaches in the process. Collateral damage you could label it.
    Western Romania is another viable alternative, but Ukraine would really draw a line in the sand.

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