Putin’s rating falls to 18 year low

The rating of a Russian President Vladimir Putin has fallen to a record low. Only 43 % of Russians are ready to vote for him, reports BBC with reference to the survey of the Public Opinion Foundation.

According to the experts, if the presidential elections were held now, 43% of citizens would vote for Putin. Experts associate this with protests in support of unregistered candidates for the Moscow city Duma. Also, forecasts say that Putin’s rating will continue to fall.

Putin’s rating was lower in 2001 – only 42 % were ready to vote for him. According to the survey, 40% of Russians wouldn’t like to see Putin as the Russian President after 2024.

On July 27, during an unauthorized protest in Moscow to demand that unregistered candidates could take part in the elections to the Moscow city council, a record number of people was detained.

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  1. Nazi dictators are dangerous when cornered. No doubt he has an escape plan in place; but could create mayhem in the interim. Let’s hope not.

  2. There will always be a way for shorty to remain in power of some sort, even if ’emergency’ laws are introduced. Even if nobody voted for him, removal of all the opposition leaves one result.

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