Kyiv-based supermarket sells daybooks with Ukraine’s map without Crimea

A Facebook user complained about this, and the distributors said they’d deal with it; a month after that, the incident occurred again

A network of Metro supermarkets sells school daybooks depicting Ukraine’s map without Crimea. Volodymyr Birulya, the Facebook user reported that, complaining about the incident.

According to him, it’s been a month since he saw these diaries being distributed at Metro market in Kyiv.

“Back then, Metro reported that all diaries were excluded from sale. The printing house said they knew about the issue and demanded that the distributors give them back to them for further utilization”, the man wrote.

A month after the original incident happened, the said diaries appeared on sale again.

Previously, the Russian Embassy to Great Britain published a map where the Crimean peninsula was shown as Ukraine’s territory. The map appeared on the Twitter page of the Russian diplomatic mission.

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  1. As with everything concerning this Russian site, the title of the article is misleading. Metro are a German company(no surprises there), whose HQ is based in Dusseldorf.

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