Exclusive pictures from Shorty’s Biker party.

Yes you heard it here first, we have the unreal photos from the short dictakers, whoops, sorry, Dictators, Biker gang bang. I mean party.

I’m sorry about all that I must have a virus or something on this computer.

Anyway, here they are. Eye bleach is available from Amazon.

So that was taken while the Gang were stopped for a quick chat waiting for shorty to catch up, apparently they had to give him something not too powerful or fast.

This was at the party that night, you can’t see the short one as these guys are all over 5 foot tall and the Cameraman couldn’t get far enough back to get him in shot.

According to some of the attendees he had no trouble getting ‘in shot’ later…..

It is claimed that this is the short one leaving with a particularly close friend.

Don’t forget, eye bleach. Amazon $2.99 per litre.


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