Atomik experimental vodka made of water, grain from Chornobyl area – Chornobyl exclusion zone agency

A team of scientists from the U.K. and Ukraine has made experimental radioactively “pure” alcohol from water and grain taken from the Chornobyl area, using the homemade method. The vodka has been given the brand name Atomik, according to a Thursday posting on the website of the State Agency of Ukraine for Managing the Exclusion Zone.

“Water from the Chornobyl wells was used to make a batch of Atomik vodka. Distilled alcohol was diluted with mineral water from a deep aquifer in Chornobyl, which has a similar chemical composition to the ground waters of the Champagne region in France. No radioactive contamination was detected in the water,” the agency said.

Experimental alcohol was presented in the U.K., according to the press release. The researchers plan to establish vodka production and return 75% of the profit to the community of the regions affected by the Chornobyl disaster.

“We do not plan to grow grain in the exclusion zone on an industrial scale, because there is now a wildlife reserve. Instead, we want to work in the zone of obligatory resettlement, where pollution levels are much lower and where people still live,” the agency’s press service said, referring to Jim Smith, professor at Portsmouth University.

According to the agency, Chornobyl Alcohol Company social enterprise is being created, which will produce and sell Atomik vodka in the future.

Atomik was developed as part of a project funded by the U.K.’s Natural Environment Research Council (NERC). The purpose of the project is to find out whether it is safe to use part of the lands abandoned after the Chornobyl disaster for growing crops and when.

(C) interfax ukraine 2019


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