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  1. Pretty good Red. A bit confusing to get started but catching on. All the likes come in separate so a lot of mail back.
    When I screw up spelling and post, I don’t now how to go back to correct as there is no edit. Does no seem to stump anyone yet.
    Kudos for this. Will be good when more come over.

    • Thanks Grumpy. My controls may be a little bit different but after the time line on your comment there is a link….(Edit)….that you can click on to edit your comment.
      Also you can change your notifications this way:
      1. Click on your icon on the top right of the screen.
      2. This will open your profile and on the left you will see the Notifications Setting. Click on it.
      3. Now you can toggle ON/OFF your notifications. …Remember to SAVE on the bottom right button.

      • Unfortunately WordPress doesn’t seem to offer that facility to iPad or iPhone users redders. I will continue to try to explore its functionality.

      • I have both those options on my iPhone (but sometimes I have to click on the globe at the bottom right). If you’re logged in, you should be able to see your icon at the top and change your settings. I’m not sure about the (Edit) link because I’m admin.

  2. From a layout and posting aspect. This beats disqus hands down. I’m wondering where the rest of our 50,000 subscribers from disqus are? 🤔

      • Yeah, 99% of them are not human. Anyway we don’t need bots, spammers or other assorted trash on here. That’s one massive advantage of wordpress, you control who comes on to post.

            • Ok. Feel free to tinker with the design. I really wanted to keep the blog theme when I chose this one but there might be something you fall in love with. One of my favorite phrases is, “None of us are as clever as all of us.” ;)))

              • One or two of the guys mentioned that the sidebar is pushed to the bottom of the articles on a mobile. I think it was Mike that said it’s not a problem now, but once we have 100s of articles, it’s going to be a pain in the butt. There is a solution, but would mean altering the layout. I’m happy the way it is, I’m on a PC. We have to think of the mobile users too.

    • We can’t always reply directly to comments though. I think its set at 2 or 3 deep, and I couldn’t figure out how to increase it. At least I think that’s why there isn’t always a REPLY button.

      • On a pc all you need to do is click on the notification bell. You can reply to any comment, no matter how deep the replies are. If you want to change the number of nested comments, it’s currently 3. Go to manage/settings, then click on the discussion tab, you have a option to change the number of levels.

  3. I like this one, it seems more popular and regular than reddit, so looks like the new home.

    I do have difficulties occasionally with replies and comments, clicking the ‘post comments’ sometimes brings up a new page asking for email and name, even though I am logged in.

    Also I can’t find how to post articles as an originator.

    For example, we are coming to Kyiv and Lviv in October and I wanted to see if anyone wanted to meet.

  4. It is all good. My only issue is no way to edit comments.
    Sometimes, after a few too many beers, I can get sloppy and don’t proof read before I post

      • I don’t see one, only the reply icon.
        No big deal, I will just have to be more careful when I am having a few beers

  5. 2 Weeks in and its going well I think. 3587 hits, not a lot, but the right amount. If we had thousands upon thousands it would be a bit suspicious, so I think these are genuine viewers.

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