Media: Families of Dutch NATO pilots were intimidated by individuals ‘with Russian accent’

Family members of Dutch pilots who conducted the NATO air patrol mission in the Baltic countries in 2017 received threatening phone calls, reports the Dutch newspaper NL Times.

As noted, the wives and live-in girlfriends of the pilots of F-16 aircraft were repeatedly called by unknown persons “with a Russian accent,” who, among other things, suggested that their husbands should leave the region and were interested what their wives think about the service in the Baltic. The women often receive such calls, after their husbands, who performed tasks in the region, called them on personal phones, reports Ukrainian service of Voice of America.

Dutch Military Intelligence and Security Service have confirmed that they are aware of such cases.

The Netherlands is actively involved in NATO air  patrol mission in the Baltic countries, and 270 Dutch troops are stationed in the territory of Lithuania.

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  1. Islamophobes and those fighting the russian aggressor never were safe in Holland. The country still lacks a party that’s anti-Putin, anti-Islam and anti-EU.

    May god save these brave pilots!

    • Hackers obviously got hold off the private numbers of these pilots wives, and we all know the worlds no1 hackers are Muscovy.

    • Back in 1986, a Jordanian working for Assad Snr, was sentenced to 45 years in a British jail; unusually high for our highly liberal judiciary, for a crime that was described by the Lord Chief Justice thus: “Put briefly, this was about as foul and as horrible a crime as could possibly be imagined. It is no thanks to this applicant that his plot did not succeed in destroying 360 or 370 lives in the effort to promote one side of a political dispute by terrorism. In the judgment of this Court the sentence of 45 years’ imprisonment was not a day too long.”
      How is this relevant to today?
      “German chancellor Kohl and foreign minister Genscher both believed that “the Hindawi plot was a provocation designed to embarrass Syria and destabilize the Assad regime by people probably connected to Israeli Mossad”.
      The krauts were treacherous then and are treacherous now.
      That terrorist failed in his objective, but putler succeeded over and over again with terror outrages in Georgia and Ukraine. But he’s not doing 45 years and the krauts continue to support his terror state.
      Full dreadful story here (it may well be of interest to our readers) :-

  2. Ok, order our spooks to start doing the same to those arseholes and their wives and families. See how they like it.

    • English threaten or their husband threaten, all the same in another happy day in the swamp, er, cess pit.

    • The Moskali are already flying without transponders, we should give them a dose of their own medicine and say, “Whoops, we thought they were terrorists because they weren’t using transponders as international law requires. Sorry Vlad….”

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