Mass poisoning of vacationers from “LPR” in Crimea. Children were particularly affected

A massive infection with rotavirus infection was found among the residents of occupied part of Luhansk, who went on voucher to annexed Crimea.

A female resident of Luhansk told about this situation to “Segodnya” (Today) publication.

According to her, infection occurred in Alushta boarding guest house “Lazurniy”. People had symptoms of rotavirus infection – fever, vomiting, stomachache, diarrhea, weakness.

Woman said that pre-school children were particularly affected since their sickness went on up to five days in acute form.

The owner of the recreation center drove those who appealed to the infectious diseases department of Alushta city, warning them to give a fictitious address.

According to Luhansk female resident, the boarding guest house staff hired from LPR also suffered from this infection that is probably due to the lack of their medical records book.

In July, the Children’s Health Camp “Bereg” (Beach) was closed in Alushta due to violations of sanitary standards. Violations were revealed in the catering unit and in the building of the camp.

On July 17, in Yevpatoria 54 people were hospitalized with signs of food poisoning from the camp “Luchisty”- 49 children from Tatarstan and 5 employees.

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  1. “The owner of the recreation center drove those who appealed to the infectious diseases department of Alushta city, warning them to give a fictitious address.”

    Russification is now complete. Come on vacation, we will poison you, we will hospitalise you, but lie about where you was poisoned.

  2. This type of virus is one of several that are transmitted by filthy toilets and dirty bastards who don’t wash their hands after evacuating their toxic bowels. In my opinion this is attempted murder and should be treated as such. And it’s not just a problem of putlerstani occupied places. Britain now suffers a plague of medieval diseases because of immigrants from primitive, savage cultures that don’t understand even basic hygiene.

    • There is no excuse in the UK, clean running water is available in every household. I very much doubt the same applies in Crimea.

      • Will buy me a cheap tablet today. Once everything is installed and configured, i will post articles. My pc is only great for gaming, not for going online. 😐

    • In Denmark the ‘refugees’ blew up a police station today. So much about ‘civilized refugees’. Time to break their filthy asses!

    • I think its very unfair to make that statement scradje, sadly there are a lot of people of all sorts and origins that can’t grasp the basics of hygiene. I have seen it on a few occasions myself and it seems to be on the increase.

      • It is correct, though, that hygiene is available to them but their cultural teachings preclude it. They don’t use deodorant, soap, only wash for certain occasions, and hygiene is what “Infidels” do. Multiculturalism DOES NOT WORK, in my opinion. European inclusion and tolerance has proved that. Moskali men are just plain nasty, they think it is macho to be a pig. Again, cultural.

    • When they come from countries with limited water and only sand to wash your hands, sand infested with dried, ground camel and goat dung, they eat with the right and wipe with the left. How do they wipe the left clean? DT was correct calling them shithole countries!
      Pootletstan deserves my term, broken sewage treatment facility. Lack of running water and personnal hygene.

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